In my country many ethnics live who speak different languages with different cultures.One of them who were invited and brought to Iran thousand years ago following the request of an ancient king from an Indian King ,are Gypsies.According to “ Shahname of ferdowsi” ,our national poetry book, they brought gypsies to Iran so they would entertain and gladden the gloomy depressed people of a country under the king`s domination with their music.During next centuries ,small population of gypsies gradually increased and they moved to other regions of Iran and next to different nations of Iranian people continue their special unique life style on the suburban and rural areas. It seems that Indian gypsies moved to Anatolia, Greece, Egypt and a part of Europe through Iran. Gypsies in Iran like any other casts or guarded groups (which don’t welcome outsiders to their life style and culture) maintain their language and special ties by not getting mix

or marrying other ethnic groups and nations. Although they sustain friendly relationships with Iranian nations and social groups , speak their languages and play their music.The most interesting and fascinating point is their skillful manners in mastering the language of the ethnics they live next to ,singing and playing their music with an unbelievable talent, much more pleasing . They are called by different names from one region and ethnic to another ones.“ Juki”, “ Godaar” , “ Zat” , “ Jat” , “ Ghorbati” , “ loori” , “ piyook” , “ghereshmaal”, etc.From
What all gypsies have in common in Iran are their special attention to music , hunting ( mostly pigs and boars) , their subsistence through making and fixing knifes , sickles, shovels and small tools for rural and urban people and most importantly is their bohemian lifestyle, to carry their houses on their back anywhere they go.In the last four decades , after Iran`s revolution

a small population of them had to settle down in one place. But majority of them can`t stay still in one place and want to live like their ancestors.Most of them have no passport or identity card and are deprived from social and official services in villages and cities.There`s not an exact statistics of gypsies population in Iran , but more than seventy thousands of them are estimated . Almost each Iranian ethnic and nation has a Gypsy of itself. Like “ Juki” s , “ godaar”s in Mazandaran region . ( North of Iran) .

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