People have private territories.
Your place there is not to break through that territory as a wall.To that unconscious impulse and reaction to what is coming from outside.
You don`t get to break it or step inside cause your camera allows you to. You`re not a hero to be there, wanting to narrate a story, fixing a moment in a frame.
When addressing landscapes, architecture,streets,anything but humans, there`s a silence, a monologue ,your own quiet pleasure of borrowing a scene that is just there without the necessity of a permission.When addressing people, you address yourself too. You come out of the safe zone & you face your ego , fears and hopes, weaknesses and strengths . You challenge the unconscious judgmental human in you.

You resolve in to somebody`s story not by forgetting yourself while observing another, but by putting aside your pre-definitions, understandings, assumptions and interpretations.
You freed your mind in order to listen to them , first to feel your own respect for whatever there is behind that wall & private zone & then to make them feel that respect & to gain their trust. The Camera is just a tool, a bridge, an excuse.
Keeping the integrity in work, being a safe keeper of what first they share with you for then you share with a wider range, to earn their trust , to deeply feel & get involved with each emotion you capture & try, just try, to be sincere & trustee of what you have witnessed & then narrate it in shorts, in frames,

these are all what i love the most in Photography . To me , these are what i believe can give my work a meaning.When there`s genuine humanity behind your camera.This is the only way i can raise my questions , reflect what i like to see more & less in the world. The only way i can also project my own light & darkness ,where i don`t see myself forcing to find words, but they find me.

Sahar Fadaian

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