The lines of my childhood(Part I)

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To know about the secret of lines and to learn how to hear what they whisper is very difficult. But difficult is for the grown ups. And flawless in it`s most pure genuine form is for when you have no control of your thoughts. The lines you create in childhood often soften the reality. The child doesn`t know yet about any truth or hasn`t defined her /his reality.



They`re all flowing imaginations you will need when you grow older, to look back at, to see where and how your mind once was. How free, fearless, and honest it was.My first creation was a red deer. I drew it when i was three. I remember when i would see a blank sheet and had a pencil, i`d feel the most happy. I knew i could see my playmates on the paper. The ones i never met but wanted to paint, because they were inside of my head and i wanted to play with them. The most fun was when i could talk to them while drawing. I wouldn`t lift up my hand until it was finished. I had no clue of what i wanted to draw until my conversation with them was over. Which meant the drawing was over too.


I never had training or a painting teacher. I was lucky that my parents believed they should not limit my thoughts with an exact plan or direction from a teacher. They let me keep on playing with the playmates in my head , drawing them on the white sheets till i stopped. Because without being aware of it, i was growing up. And either my childhood playmates were leaving, or i was.


They came back to me years and years after. When i was around 23. I was terrified to pick up a pencil. Something in me was calling out for me, and needed to come out. But i was too scared to let them. Maybe because it is scary to confront what it had been left untouched years ago, especially when you are at the peak of the pride of your age and the seriousness of life. But the result was series of faces and “creatures” i was so happy to meet from inside of me.


They were all me, observing life, understanding life.

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